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Let’s talk about Venezuela

Venezuela is a beautiful country situated in Latin America, next to Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. I mentioned first the position on the map because so many people abroad don’t have any idea about Venezuela, either where it is, or what language is spoken there. When I decided to write about Venezuelan people I was kind of depressed thinking about so many things like my friends, family, neighbors, teachers and the big mark they left on me. Continue reading “Let’s talk about Venezuela”

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8 Life Strategies

  1. Get support.
  2. Take care of yourself [Diet, sleep, exercise, breathing]
  3.  Set realistic goals for yourself.
  4.  Reduce stress response.
  5.  Structure your time.
  6.  Get involved in something personally meaningful.
  7.  Choose healthy coping strategies.
  8.  Get professional help when necessary.

“Remember, your life is a gift. Don’t waste time and live well”