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How to overcome a sedentary life

If you are an extremely hard worker and you think that being a couch potato, eating and sleeping all day is better than working, you should keep on reading.

Being at home doing nothing that involves body movements is not healthy or beneficial for you. The human body was designed to move. The habit of seating on your couch watching the show you love all day can damage your physical and mental health.

Nowadays, with technology it is easier being at home connected to a computer or television; streaming and consuming digital content. You can be more exposed to a sedentary life if you work from home, are unemployed, or retired. So,

How can I recognize if I have a sedentary life?

I am working from home long hours from Monday to Friday.

I don’t work out at all.

I don’t get out of my house very often.

I use technology to buy groceries.

I use my car to go everywhere.

I don’t walk at all.

I don’t want to socialize and have no interest in making friends.

I binge watch one show after another on Netflix.

If you answered yes to all the above you might be thinking, “how can I change this”?

1. You can start doing low impact exercises, such as Yoga or Pilates. If you don’t like to work out at all, you need to research different outdoor activities that allow you to move a little bit.

2. Try to go for a walk, enjoy nature and maybe an ice cream in the park nearby. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring not just good health but probably new life experiences.

3. Signing up at the gym, for example, should open new opportunities to make new friends or a reason to get out of your house.

4. If you work from home organize yourself. Plan and learn how to manage your time so you will have a chance to do something for your health. Everybody desires a healthy life but not everybody has the commitment to start it.

The secret of ending a sedentary life is to stay motivated.

5. Try to find people that want the same things that you want. Go to YouTube and search for workout videos that you would like to do or join groups that match your interests.

We live only once, and we must love ourselves and be happy.

Don’t waste time doing nothing and GO MOVE!

FYI: The picture is mine. I took it at the Zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

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